My name is MK, CPL/IR/ME/MCC.
I would like to appreciate Cpt Marco Intorcia entrustment in conducting my B737 Type rating simulator training. It was my first type rating experience , and I found him technically very well prepared and with a high level of practical skills.
I recommend him as your future Type Rating Instructor.

Khouyyi Marieme

I had the pleasure to have Cpt M. Intorcia as my TRI during a simulator training to got B737/300 Type Rating. I hold several Type Rating and so I undergo with several instructors and examiner, but Cpt Intorcia has been one of most appreciated for his passion in teaching, his technical preparation, and his patience .
I hold an ATPL and several thousands of flight hours.
Good person and well skilled instructor.

Aruta Vincenzo Alessandro

Dear All,
My name is Manuel BRIONI, and I am a Captain on private and commercial jet aircraft.
I have started my studies in the USA with this organization back in 2004 to get my FAA and EASA flying license and I never left them until now that I am a professional pilot.
I have experience now in almost all part of the world and Globe Master Flight School made that possible because of the high level of standards and preparation that they gave me.
A special thanks to be honest with you, goes to the President and founder of Globe Master Flight School, Cpt. Salvatore Marco INTORCIA that since the beginning has followed me up once again until my commander course. Nevertheless, I have to thank all of his partners in this structural and solid organization for the support and dedication.
I strongly recommend Globe Master Flight School to whoever want to start this wonderful career in the aviation business either as an Airline Pilot or a corporate pilot.
They are the best in terms of training, organization and communications! Go there guys!

Manuel Brioni

I’m 27 years old and I work as commercial pilot since 2012 for an Executive Jet company based in Europe.
With this letter, I want pass my experience and be grateful with Captain Marco Intorcia who gave me the opportunity to start my career in the aeronautical environment.
My course of study with Captain Marco Intorcia is started on 2011 when I did my conversion course from EASA to FAA at his school FFTC (Florida Flight Training Center) at Venice Airport FL (U.S.A.) and the second step of my commercial/ATP course.
After this step I flew many hours with him and with his professional flight team to build hours and experience.
With his professionalism and his dedication I found the job as commercial pilot on Gulfstream aircraft flying around the globe, from Europe to Africa and from USA to Middle East.
I would like to strongly recommend Captain Marco Intorcia, FFTC school and his professional team to whoever needs any information regarding the aviation industry and who wants to start his career as pilot.

Davide Finazzi

I am a student that acquired Private Pilot Licence with Globe Master Flying School and the High School Program in Florida.
And now I started the theory for the Instrument Rating for the practical training in summer 2017.
I am grateful to the CEO of the school, Captain Marco Intorcia for the training and the push to improve myself over and over and never quit in front of failures and keep fighting.
I strongly recommend the Globe Master Flying School and the High School Program to every person that wants to learn to fly because of the professionality and the reliability of every instructor.

Gianmarco Pezzotta

My name is Simone Asta and I am a student pilot. My career started with Globe Master Flying School in Florida, where I did all my licenses, both FAA and EASA.
In Florida i found a wonderful school and the well-prepared teachers, we were simply a team.
I strongly suggest to do the licences in Florida for two simply reasons : the language and the weather.
Thanks to the experience and the amazing professionalism of the CEO of the school, Captain Marco Intorcia, i am living my dream.
I had also the oppurtunity to work as flight dispacher and was there that i could actually see in practice how to develop a flight.
I would like to strongly recommend Globe Master Flying School to whoever want to start a career in the aviation industry as it is one of the best flying school around the world for the time being.

Simone Asta

My name is Alberto Fanti and I am a commercial pilot working for a private company based in Europe.
My career started with Globe Master Flying School in Florida, where I did all my licenses, both FAA and EASA.
After that, thanks to the experience and the amazing professionalism of the CEO of the school, Captain Marco Intorcia, I found the job of my life flying jet
aircrafts all around Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia right after the end of my licenses.
I would like to strongly recommend Globe Master Flying School to whoever want to start a career in the aviation industry as it is one of the best flying school around the world for the time being.

Alberto Fanti

Dear all,
My name is Michele Gatti and I am a Commercial Pilot working for Ryanair based in Barcelona.
My flying career started when I joined Globe Master Flying School in Florida at 19 years old and after 16 months I completed both FAA and EASA license.
After that, thanks to the advises, the aids and the professionalism of the CEO MARCO INTORCIA, I worked for 2 years as First Officer and Flight Dispatcher for a Private company in Switzerland.
I strongly recommend GLOBE MASTER AVIATION FLYING SCHOOL to whoever wants to realize their aviation dreams.

Michele Gatti

My name is Luca De Bari and I am a student pilot with Globe Master Flying School. One of the main reasons I chose Globe Master Flying School is to be in an environment where new information and expert guidance would be key to my learning curve.
Their personalized training course compared with my passion to study created an enormous opportunity to achieve my dream of being a pilot.
Captain Marco Intorcia and the school were both able to communicate the importance of scheduling, coordination of courses, and commitment to our common goals. The school, located in Florida gave me an enormous advantage to the overall success that I have achieved there. Florida afforded me the opportunity to learn to fly with consistent weather, expedient masterful instruction where a new language was necessary to prepare me to fly worldwide.
The integrity of the school and of Captain Marco Intorcia were without a doubt was the force behind the skill of instruction. They made me stop to think, prepare to learn, focus on my determination, concentrate on the course and energized me into my career path.
I would highly recommend Globe Master Flying School to anyone who is serious about a career in the aviation industry.

Luca De Bari

My name is Davide Di Giacomandrea and i’m an airliner pilot for a European company.
After obtaining my high school diploma, I got in contact with Globe Master Flying School, based in Florida, which helped me finding the best solution for my pilot training.
During my whole training I didn’t have any kind of problem due to the seriousness of all the staff but especially the professionalism of the C.E.O. cpt. Marco Intorcia, and in 2013 I graduated as FAA/EASA commercial pilot.
After that always thanks to the seriousness, professionalism and experience of the school and it’s C.E.O. I found my dream job.
To whoever could be interested in becoming a commercial pilot, I hardly recommend Globe Master Flying School because it is the best school that you can find worldwide nowadays.

Davide Di Giacomandrea

My name is Alessandro Cantuni , I am 22 years old and I am a commercial pilot for one of the major airline company flying all around Europe and north Africa.
My flight experience started in 2013 when I met Cpt. Marco Intorcia, head of training of “Globe Master Flight school” in Florida, USA. He helped me a lot to make the right decision and think about all steps I had to take in order to make it successfully to the line.
I ended up this course with double licenses: FAA and EASA, in order to have more job opportunities in all around the world. Cpt. Intorcia helped me to find a job at the end of the course and I have to be extremely grateful with him.
Globe Master flight School is one of the best flight school in the world. All the instructors are well prepared and the management is there to help you. The level of the training is very High and it fits the standard of the major airlines.
I recommend this Flight School to all the guys that want to “FLY HIGH” and transform their passion in a profession.
Good luck and Clear skies.

Alessandro Cantuni

My name is Riccardo Mariotti and I am a student pilot.
My career started with Globe Master Flying School in Florida, where I did my FAA licenses.
In Florida I found an amazing school with well-prepared teachers and amazing aircrafts, we were like a family.
I strongly suggest to do the licenses in Florida for two simply reason : language and weather.
Thanks to the experience and the amazing professionalism of the CEO of the school, Captain Marco Intorcia, I'm really living my dream.
I had also the opportunity to work as a flight dispatcher and was there that I could see in practice how to develop a flight.
I would like strongly recommend Globe Master Flying School to whoever want to start a career in the aviation sector as it is one of the best flying school around the world for the time being.

Riccardo Mariotti

My name is Lissoni Gioele, I attended Globe Master Flying School where I completed my FAA license.
I believe that the esperience gained until now is very educational from all points of view and I have to thank a lot Captain Marco Intorcia and his professionalism that allowed me to achieve my dream.
I strongly recommend to all who wish to pursue an aviation career Globe Master Flying School, directed by Captain Marco Intorcia, without any doubt one of the most advanced school in the aviation world.

Lissoni Gioele

My name is Andrea and I have been a student at Globemaster Florida.
Togheter with Cpt. Marco Intocia we studied the right path for my studies and for my goals.
After completing FAA CPL (ME) in Florida and EASA ATPL I was immediately hired by an executive jet company and now I am flying on Falcon 900.
I strongly recommend Globemaster since the training is perfectly tailored on you and the staff is always there to help you in case of need.

Andrea Gatti

My name is Angelo Vernone and I am working as Flight Operations Officer / Flight Dispatcher.
Like many other people, I had the great chance to study at Globe Master LTD, Florida that made me improve my skills in the field of aviation and gave me the chance of working for SIPJ and Eurofly, two international private jets airlines.
Working with their team has been has been a huge pleasure because of everyone’s professionality and experience in the field of aviation.
From what I felt, people who work there really enjoy what they are teaching and transmitting to students making every day more interesting.
Thanks to this school, I had the opportunity to realize my dream of working for an airline, covering an important role, which is working for the operations department, the core of every airline.
Would I recommend this school to other people who has the same dream I had or who wants to become a pilot?
Definitely YES. Like me, many of my friends are actually working for operations or as pilots for many international airline.

Angelo Vernone

My name is Matteo Falchetti, I’m a commercial pilot working for a private company based in U.A.E.
I did all my FAA licenses with Globe Master Flying School in Florida.
I have to thanks the CEO of the company, Captain Marco Intorcia, for the amazing professionalism and passion that he put in his job.
I strongly recommend Globe Master Flying School to whoever wants to start a career in aviation, that is without any doubt one of the best and most professional school in the aviation world.

Matteo Falchetti

My name is Matteo Canavero and I am a First Officer in Ryanair flying a Boeing 737-800.
I got my Commercial License in Italy and then I experienced some trouble to find first job due to economical crisis and a lot of airlines that ceased operations.
Part of the merit if I’m now a pilot must be ascribed to Cpt. Marco Salvatore Intorcia, President and Founder of Globe Master Flight School, whom I knew when I was looking for a job. When I was called by Ryanair for an assessment, Cpt. Intorcia helped me to refresh my flying skills and guided me to improve my handling with several IFR procedure exercises. The simulation sessions I’ve taken with him were remarkably worthy, since he gave me all necessary tips to successfully pass the assessment. Even after this assessment phase, he stayed in contact with me and helped me with good advices to start my professional career.
Cpt. Intorcia is a nice person and I’m really indebted to him for his guidance during simulator sessions and for all the support he provided during my airline training. I’m very happy I had the chance of knowing him.

Matteo Canavero

Hi my name is Raffaele,
I started my studies with globe master Flying School and the high school program in Florida (USA) this was the most formative experience until now in my life.
I did my training in Venice where I found a very beautiful school and the stuff was always available for my need, I found prepared flight instructor with a great passion for his job.
A special thanks to captain Marco Intorcia the head of training of the globemaster flying school that is an amazing person with a lot of experience in his job and with the young guys.
Now I'm starting my studies for the instrument rating and I will follow globemaster until the end of my training.
I would strongly recommend Globemaster because is helping me to reach my dream and I think that is the most beautiful think that this association can give to me.

Raffaele Madera

My name is Anass, I’m 17 years old and I’m from Marocco. I did my first License of Private Pilot with Globe Master Flying School in Florida.
On there I found a very professional training with good instructors.
Thanks them I did my Private Pilot license in exactly 2 months and one week. They gave me a good flight training and good flight knowledge in short time because the level of training is really high and professional.
The best things are the language because I learned the technical aviation language and english in general and also you can fly every time you want thanks the perfect weather on there.
I started this journey thanks the CEO of the school, Cpt. Marco Introcia, a professional and nice person that gave me this opportunity and I will follow him and Globe Master until the end of my training.
A really special thanks also to Capitan Joe Puglia the responsible of the trainings and of all the school that supported me and accompanied me during the course, a really special person for me.
Also thanks to all the staff of the school that helped me in any situations like a family.
I really recommend this school and this experience for who want realize his dream and start his career as pilot with a good preparation.


To whom it may concern,
I am El Abdellaoui Zakaria. After two months of hard work and dedication, I earned my private pilot certificate during the summer of 2018 with Captain Marco Intorcia.
Captain Marco and I met in June of 2018, and when he introduced me to the aviation community and the school I drew up this conclusion “This is where I’d like to go to gain all of my certifications”. If I could go back in time, I would continue to choose this school, time and time again. We fly all day in meticulously maintained aircraft. During this program you will gain the competence of a well rounded pilot. One of my best flights was when I landed in Tampa International during a night flight, there was a Boeing 737 landing on the runway parallel to mine.
The school is amazing, I have every intention of finishing all of my certificates with Captain Marco. I would like to thank the Captain, the school, and most importantly all the people that followed me during the first step to the start of my career.
Again, thank you Marco for everything you have done for me.

El Abdellaoui Zakaria

IFR IN 2 mesi
Ho avuto la fortuna di poter fare questa esperienza culturale e istruttiva, conosciuta tramite contatti scolastici e gestita dal Comandante Marco Intorcia.
L’esperienza si è suddivisa in due precorsi, il primo della durata di tre mesi mentre il secondo di due dove ho potuto constatare la professionalità nell’organizzazione.
La scuola Americana vi offre molte possibilità di apprendimento e sopratutto in caso di necessità un modo per recuperare anche grazie all istruttore che viene sin dall’inizio affiancato ad ogni studente.
Gli esami hanno alle spalle diverse preparazioni sia per quanto riguarda orale, scritto e pratico. Vi sono varie simulazioni e nessun insegnamento viene dato per scontato così da poter arrivare all’ esame sicuri e con le giuste competenze. Le esercitazioni di guida del veivolo venivano organizzate tempestivamente tenendo sempre conto delle norme di sicurezza per il bene dello studente pilota.
La data dell’esame viene annunciata con largo anticipo e solo nel momento in cui si è certi di esserne all’altezza. Mi ritengo fortunato per aver potuto godere di questa esperienza con American Aviation e la consiglio vivamente a chi desidera raggiungere questo obiettivo.

Romano Ivan

Sono Tommaso Franzoni,
Grazie alla Globe Master sono riuscito ad ottenere la licenza PPL e IR in 5 mesi dall’inizio dei miei studi.
Questa esperienza si è suddivisa in 2 percorsi, il primo iniziato a settembre del 2018 dove attraverso il programma high school svolto a Brooksville FL sono riuscito a conseguire il PPL in 3 mesi; questo grazie all’ottima organizzazione della scuola e alla preparazione professionale degli istruttori di volo. La seconda parte del percorso si è svolta nell’estate del 2019 dove ho conseguito la licenza IR in solo 2 mesi.
L’American Aviation Flight Academy è sempre riuscita a darmi un’ottima preparazione per poter passare i vari esami con esito positivo e con buoni risultati. Per quanto riguarda l’esercitazione pratica la scuola ha a disposizione una flotta di aerei sempre manutenuti e pronti al volo.
Un grazie speciale va al comandante Marco Intorcia e alla American Aviation per avermi dato l’opportunità di iniziare questo percorso.

Tommaso Franzoni